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When you own property or operate a business, you could subject yourself to certain liabilities. Clever plaintiff’s attorneys consider the use of Building Codes, Property Maintenance Ordinances, Strict Liability theories, and aspects of Landlord Tenant law when promoting claims for their clients. Property owners and the insurance companies protecting them need attorneys with experience combatting all of those tactics. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending a wide variety of premises liability matters.

We have represented business owners, landlords, and homeowners involving claims that involved allegations of:

– Defects on the premises, including stairs, ramps, automatic doors, and carpets;

– Inadequate security;

– Dram Shop Liability and Liquor Liability

– Construction site control

– Inadequate lighting;

– Negligent maintenance of the premises;

– Improper snow removal;

– Animal bite, kicks, and other injuries.

Some of our more notable premises liability successes have included:

– The defense of a self-service car wash where a patron slipped on ice in winter

– The defense of bars and taverns when a patron was allegedly overserved before being involved in an accident

– The defense of a local bar alleged to have failed to protect a patron from a sexual assault perpetrated by an unknown assailant off the premises

– The defense of a property management firm where a tenant was assaulted in a commercial office building

– The defense of general contractors when individuals trespassed on a controlled work site

– The defense of a shopping center where a customer tripped and fell on a wheelchair ramp

– The defense of an apartment building manager where a visitor tripped over a floor mat

– The defense of an apartment complex for allegations of negligent tenant screening

– The defense of various contractors and vendors alleged to have created or worsened a hazard on the property of their customers

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